Fast. Secure. Server Side Swift.

In 2022 developers expect a lot from platforms out of the box. Things like 1 click deploys, deploy to URL, connecting to GitHub, etc. Platforms like Heroku, Netlify, Vercel and more, have spoiled us with developer friendly features to deploy code to the cloud and make it instantly available. But these platforms almost all specialize in Javascript and front-end development. We built Swift Cloud to bring these feature sets to developers looking to build backend applications and websites in the Swift language.

Swift 5.5 introduced Concurrency - async/await, structured concurrency, Actors, etc. greatly simplifying what it takes to write performant, safe, server side Swift code. Since the introduction of these features, many people have found Swift to be an excellent language for building server side applications, including Apple. Apple has made a strong push to make Swift fully available on Linux, and even built projects like the Swift AWS Lambda runtime. But even with the great support coming from Apple, depoloying server side Swift still takes a lot of operational expertise, and then even once deployed developers are missing those platform features that we have come to expect.

Swift Cloud aims to solve this problem by providing a platform that gives developers a robust set of features for deploying Swift to the cloud. Things like 1 click deploys, HTTP/3, globally distributed, 100ms cold starts, custom domains and more.

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